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Posted by bleep Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being in a world filled with stress, it is not surprising that people tend to escape heartaches and failures with even temporary relief to forget and ease the burden a little. Though more often than not the path to that is not even perceived until almost half way there. Believing that "occasional" drink here and there is TOTALLY harmless, the individual becomes in denial of possible "habitual occasional" drinking (puffing or popping up as well) thus ending up in being completely hooked with the intake. Most even starts with the reason of ONLY for socializing purposes and in the long run becomes addicted. To the point of they themselves wanting to get out but then they cannot any more. Or not easily.

At this point, normalcy of life is being craved for. Not just by the individual but also of their love ones. Life is more than just affected, it comes close to being lost. It is fortunate that with increasing number of incidences, people with big hearts extends their helping hand. Institutions are now available to assist individuals in gaining back their lost footing. Guidance and care are provided in areas you wouldn't believe to have unusual living; magnificent places, knowledgeable professionals and advance facilities made available for the comfort of the occupants.

You can re-live your life. You can once again be who you were before all these. Achieve freedom from addiction and love life once again.


Posted by bleep

There were times that I look in the mirror with a thought in my head, "What if I have a change in my appearance?"

Like when I was in my 2nd year at work decades ago and being the same ol' me that my colleagues known me to be. I suddenly feel bored with how I look; that somehow I wanted to feel the welcome they gave me on my first day, a new intriguing person to know. And so, i decided to cut my waist length hair to a stylish layered shoulder length and added a magnificent looking glasses. I was really thrilled with how it turned out. And the moment I opened the main door to our domain, I heard praises as heavenly as "Lois Lane?"

Am I glad for that decision as I was next time I got bored again and sported a really short hair. With it went a brand new looking glasses again. They really make wonders, and I tell you...TRY IT AS I DID and be rewarded with delightful notices from acquaintances and none acquaintances.


Posted by bleep

I was visiting back friends when I came across this post from Useful Information about New Sony VIAO E series laptops that made me drool. I left a comment admitting to my craving to have a laptop of my own. I truly hope to have one someday, and none less satisfactory than what was said about New Sony VIAO E series.

Of course it is mighty blessed of me to have this PC already but laptops are really cool. Imagine carrying it around and being able to blog wherever you are?! And now that Wifi site's can be found in many places already around the country, it will be very fortunate for one to have this wonderful breakthrough...a computer you can carry around - LAPTOP!


Posted by bleep Thursday, March 25, 2010

I firmly believe that those people who just can’t stop match making are simply hopeless romantics. It’s like they are feeling the need to find the right man and the right woman and just could not resist paving a way for them to be together.

I have a romantic soul myself, but I guess I’m not as selfless as these match makers to put up much time in joining to people together. It is obviously their joy to succeed in finding other people’s soul mate, best match or possible mates.

I have seen a movie like this before (Hitch, if you have seen it you’ll agree with me that it is nice indeed) and almost could not believe that this can happen in real life. That someone loves to do this thing at the same time earns his keep to do more. Well, now I have heard that there are even sites on line that also offers help with the same goal. Online dating are becoming more and more famous, and this is a way to meet more possible mates that matches your criteria. Of course no one can guarantee that knowing people will give you a definite positive result in finally having the relationship you’ve been hoping for. But giving your self a greater chance of finding Mr. Right (or Ms. Right for that matter) is the very first step to that possibility.


Posted by bleep Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have not known a single individual to despise pizza. Seems like everybody do love pizza! And I for one is a pizza lover. So much so that every time I am out, I crave to have one; either to at least taste a slice or eat half the pan of eight slices.

And it is a dream for me to be able to taste ALL pizza flavors all over the world. Thin slices please! In our country I can say that I have tried most, if not all flavors of different pizza parlors. Number one topping not be taken out of my pizza is Mozzarella Cheese. Prefers to have pepperoni and green peppers, but would rather not have anchovies.

Now I’m craving again. If it weren’t midnight here, I would love to have one right now. Tomorrow then!


Posted by bleep

June is coming, and many amongst us wishes to be a June Bride! Well, not for me actually because I’d like to have a December wedding. Yet no matter what day it is going to be, it is our own special day therefore we have every right to make happen what we want down to the tiniest detail.

And for brides, the wedding gown is one of the most important of details that has to be PERFECT. Perfect fit, perfect design, perfect choice! And there’s so much to choose from; from the material, the style and cut of the dress to the design and accessories to magnify the beauty and femininity of the creation. It also have o match the theme of the wedding the couple chooses. Do they prefer the wedding to be a romantic, old-fashioned classic wedding or a high-end classy modern day wedding? Will it be an indoor event all through out, or also outdoor? Do the bride wants to go bare backed and reveal her flawless beauty for all to envy or to portray the show of innocence and purity of women in the olden days? Will it be a simple or grand wedding?

Again, it is YOUR DAY therefore do what your heart delight. It is more of the woman’s day than the man’s…and everybody knows this. Revel in this once in a lifetime event and get the best life is to offer. Start it right with your wedding gown.


Posted by bleep

One of my college friends is a daughter to a retired BIR Commissioner. And now that almost all of her and her siblings are in Canada, their parents are out traveling around the world enjoying. What a way to finally have the much needed “break”. But I believe that we don’t need to grow old to do that. What if we don’t ever grow old or reach that day when we are done with our responsibilities?

Why not believe that you deserve a treat for being the best that you are? Or a well-deserved present to your better half? Oh how I would love to be where that couple is right now…imagine, a delightful cruise?! Seize the day and live your life as you should. As they say, “Do so if able!”

Ooh am I really full of dreams? Well, this is what this site is all about anyway…THINGS TO CRAVE FOR! And I know you do have them too. And am I glad you are here, because I know you also have a lot to share; your hopes, wishes and dreams.

WHAT THE #@*$?!

Posted by bleep Friday, March 19, 2010

I received this warning and it's making me freak out! My blog is not even a week old and I have this?! I am just starting to have friends and then scare them away with a WARNING PAGE?!

Your blog is marked as spam (duh???)

Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

Your readers are seeing a warning page until one of our humans reviews it and verifies that it is not a spam blog. Please fill out the form below to get a review. We'll take a look at your blog and unlock it in less than two business days.

If we don't hear from you, though, we will remove your blog from Blog*Spot within a few weeks. (REMOVE?!)

Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.

I just can't believe this!!! I will be importing-exporting right away! Truly exasperating!

If there are obese, overweight or over nourished individuals, there also are under nourished. But it is a lot easier to gain than to lose, unless there are clinical problems involve like thyroid problems that increases metabolism, mechanical problems and diseases that hinders absorption. Otherwise, it is as simple as FILLING UP with high, calorie dense food and beverages.

It is understandable that in this fast pace of life we live by, we often miss a meal or two. It even is highly possible that due to so much work to do, we sacrifice nutritious meals to help our body cope up with the stress and activities we go through daily with easy to eat snacks. We just “grab a bite” most of the time just to deal with the hunger pangs but do not actually put on the supposed calorie for the day, therefore, insufficient for us to reach the desired body weight or healthy weight.

What has to be done is to think of ways to increase the calories though with almost the same number of minutes allotted to partake of the food. Some examples of which are adding a slice of cheese and veggies to your usual egg sandwich, putting in milk in your fruit juice, or adding chicken slices in your salad. It’s more like “in addition” to your usual preference. But then, of course it will need a little more extra time if you are the one preparing it. Glad to tell you though that with the obvious technological advancements, it is then a proof of man’s ever increasing knowledge. And now, we have COMPLETE NUTRITION available in one drink, one pack of biscuit, so on and so forth. They are called MEAL REPLACEMENT. They are calorie dense meal substitutes available for you who are caught up in the hectic world we live in. It can actually be a sole source of nutrition being complete, or can be added also with previously preferred food items. And there's so much to compare and choose from already.

Now, you can never be hungry! And that you will be nourished in just a few minutes.


Posted by bleep Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just as I am allergic to dust, I am also allergic to dogs. Dog hairs and their very scent! I used to have childhood asthma but out grew them, unfortunately the allergy to it stayed. I envy those who can play with their pet dogs, dress them up and show them off to friends. Another concern is the changing times, of how much house owners benefit from guard dogs. I was thinking about this lately, until I’ve seen the movie Mission Impossible again yesterday and noticed that unbelievable security system they breached where even the temperature in the protected room is being monitored. But what tickled my interest in alarm system is the voice and eye check one had to go through. ALARM SYSTEM! Yes, that is probably what I need, though not as magnanimous as that in M.I. I’ve heard of these but do not actually given it much of a thought before. With this, I can have security at home though I don’t have a dog to bark.

Technology boost really is mighty splendid!


Posted by bleep

In connection to the last 2 posts, people have their own weaknesses! And if EATING is your weakness and it’s the only hindrance to your achieving your goal of living your dream of reaching that desired body weight…then THAT IS WHERE YOU SHOULD FOCUS, the very root cause of your problem. In so saying, in solving every problem and in curing any disease you have to target the root cause. Yours will be EATING TOO MUCH.

I have seen obese patients severely affected with their body weight and total persona that have developed psychological disorder because of it. Some remains sane but still emotionally disturbed thus likewise unstable. One may simply be bothered by it, but came out to be insecure, a resolved recluse, fear of the society…pointing to one conclusion: unhappiness.

We all deserve to be happy and so it is but right for us to find ways to be happy. What to do now? Again, KNOW YOUR PROBLEM AND IT’S ROOT CAUSE. Here it’s obviously obesity due to overeating. Advised action you may not be aware of that is being done by many people already and has time and again proven safe and effective is Bariatric Surgery. With this you will be able to take your fill and eat as much as your stomach will allow you. Thus now you can definitely have control because of the feeling of fullness you will not want to have more; equally, you will be losing the weight you have been forever hoping to lose effecting change not only in your body but also in your perspective as people accepts you more and more back into their circle.

Your dream is within your reach…but the decision would have to be done after thinking it over not just once, twice, but thrice because this time you will be undergoing surgery. Though proven safe, surgery nonetheless that gives the body physiologic stress and would need time and adjustment. If you believe this to be minor as compared to what you are going through half of your life being fat or obese and being shunned by the society you have to live with…then by all means let the wheels go in motion!


Posted by bleep

That last post about sweets made me think more seriously about weight loss, and the frustration that I believe to be felt by most as well for not accomplishing the goal of achieving the right weight. Either because you are off to work or preparing for it at five o’clock in the morning (or even earlier) and be home by nine o’clock in the evening leaving you less than an hour to clean up, eat and let the food digest a little before having your nightcap for the much needed 7-8 hours sleep; or you have a physiologic incapacity to go jogging, participate in aerobic exercise, Taebo or whatever exercise routine you believe to be affecting weight loss; or just plain and simply not an exercise person. Parallel to this will be following the strict diet pattern your dietitian gives you that you cannot stop promising yourself that “tomorrow I will truly adhere to it”.

Why go into such torture and sacrifice when others get to attain their goal easily with the help of other SLIMMING OPTIONS founded for this reason: be happy and content and still shed excess weight and reach desired body weight.

It is just a matter of choosing which product and which company to trust and assure you. There are SLIMMING TEA’S, SLIMMING CAPSULES, SLIMMING CREAMS, SLIMMING BEVERAGES…etcetera, etcetera. Review their products and see what most fits you and achieve that goal in no time…and no sweat!


Posted by bleep Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet tooth me is having difficulty resisting the urge to have my dessert at Sugar House upon seeing their mouth watering cakes. I feel my legs taking me inside each time I pass and see from their glass counter cakes and pastries begging me to bite them. I can almost feel the creamy taste melting in my mouth now. The aroma of coffee and cake combination will undo whatever resistance I have each time.

Thank God I'm gifted with a small frame and not so many fat cells, because if not, I definitely will be looking like our refrigerator in no time. But this does not stop me from limiting and do a stronger hold of my urge by trying not to pass through Sugar House.

Yes, it is alright to have some to satisfy a craving. Not "some everyday", but just "some as treat". Especially since I have a family history of Diabetes, I am more prone to having one as well. And being single, I don't want to end up losing my curves which I know men values still. Thus, with exercise, I try to shed off the calories I take and a little more of that exercise in case I decided to take a treat of a slice of those heavenly cakes! It is just a matter of taking full responsibility. DO NOT CONTROL THOSE CRAVINGS BUT MANAGE THEM so as to avoid rebellion and taking too much with overly wanting it. We know ourselves better than anyone else and so we can tell at which point we have to give in to a craving. HAVE SOME and DO NOT DENY YOURSELF OF THE DELIGHT OF SUCH GOODNESS!


Posted by bleep

Driving a long the Highway, it always makes me drool whenever I see an MB pass me by. I love the black or gray or chrome with light tint color. Very elegant. I can't help but imagine myself in it and as I pull-out of this salivating baby, I see myself with an attache case, dressed in fine corporate attire and door being held by the concierge. POOF! Dream has to end with a blast of horn.

Of course, it is not surprising for anyone to crave to have such a magnificent looking car. and MB has been with us for ages. Even in a row of vintage cars, you won't miss the spot where it stand gleaming, proud. I believe it's not just the exterior but the interior as well of every model is magnificently made. And it even gets better with the parts. It will definitely not let you down when it comes to QUALITY! It is one of the bests in the history of cars!

Can anyone attest to that? You among the lucky owners of my dream car?


Posted by bleep

I love to read...and my mom is at losing ends not knowing where to put my stack of books already. Filled are my book cases (inside and outside my room), should-have-been-cupboards, "under's"like under the bed, under the table, under the sink; our house can be called a library almost. BUT I just don't have the heart to part with books that I still read over and over.

Well, until I learned about acquiring a copy inside my pc. HOW NEAT CAN THAT BE!!! I'm sure my mom will love me even more when I tell her about this E-book. All I need to do is to click and search then download and save. Then I'll have my very own E-Library!

Decades ago it's just snail mails that takes forever to reach it's destination and back for the reply. But now, it's mere seconds for you to have an answer to an urgent message.

And so there is NO reason at all for you to say you have communication gap with your relatives or friends. Bridge that gap with your mobile. And it's so easy to have one these days even at a cheap cost. And because mobile networks understood that need as well is offering a great number of plans and even with free mobile phones. Grab these superb chance and be in constant communication with love ones.


Posted by bleep

It is has been since the first man and woman that body protection and covering had been founded. If before it has been a "need" to have something on, now it's more than that...because now it also is for the "want". Clothing and dressing up evolved through time; from materials to styles.

Fashion came through and people from every corner of the globe have their own trends and craze. Not only the city folks have certain "norms of the society" to follow. Even the natives in tribes have their own to consider. It may not be ALL the same in every part of the globe, but certainly everyone has it. And we go along with it if we consider ourselves a part of that group, tribe, cluster, clan, society, norm or whatever you call the circle you are in.

In our generation, fashion is more likely being adapted in the cities all over from country to country since trends are almost carried through the wind. With the technological advancement, word travels so fast that it can be passed on in a snap. With fashion cultural differences are almost insignificant. At times, even the climate differences do not matter. May the country have four seasons or two, boots are being used. May it be snowing or just raining trench coats are being worn. People simply want to try and be part of the latest fashion.

Every activity have certain "in" things, or trendy outfits and gears. Camping shoes, summer look, hiking attire, sporty it, you have it. And it is normally just part of living. So why not if you can afford to. One just have to be smart shopper.


Posted by bleep Friday, March 12, 2010

Your dream coming true has to be treated nicely. Your wedding is finally to take place, and it has to be the best it can ever be. You have pictured it a dozen times already; since childhood you have it in your mind…but it’s much, much easier to plan it in your head than in reality. And you definitely do not want to have the slightest glitch to happen on your special day!

Then what you need is a wedding planner. They can iron out any crease to prevent uneven paths even to that very day. That’s what they are trained to do, and they go through it almost to perfection…”no sweat!” They see to the tiniest detail. From the invitation, the setting, the flowers, the music, the band, the entourage, the gowns, the food, the caterers, the reception, the honeymoon…the “everything you can think of”. And they have ideas you never thought possible. If you find that the plan is fabulous, they still have something to offer to make it more fabulous.

Of course you can do them all if you want, just promise not to blame anyone for any flop! No regrets? Well, why settle for less if you can have the best. Find the Best Wedding Planner and have the Best Wedding you can ever have!


Posted by bleep

Who would not want to see the marvelous creation made for man? There's so much to see and you cannot do so at one place, at one time. Travel the world over and experience the implausible reality that you can’t live enough to enjoy them all…thus, do not let the attainable pass you by.

Board the plane and fly above the clouds. Just make sure to choose the best flight, the best airline to truly take you to your destination with none to the least hassle. Witness the rising sun lick the horizon as it slowly embrace the land of your ancestors. Or see it at sun down at a place never before reached by your forefathers.

Take the tour offered by many guides in every country, because they definitely know best which destination spots will take your breath away. Travel with ease and comfort if you can and love the splendor of living. Book yourself in 5 star hotels or world class resorts. Go island hopping if you want. Life can only be lived once, so live it as grand a you can. What you lived and worked for cannot be taken to the next life anyways!


Posted by bleep

I have always dreamed of having a nice place to go home to…and nothing nicer but my dream house. My dream, a modern way of living with a magnificent pool to splash away the heat of the day or dip in at balmy nights. It actually need not be a gigantic place but a place to call my own. A place I designed or agreed with, with landscapes to drool over and a kitchen to die for. I definitely would love modern furniture than old-fashioned antiques.

Imagine the magnificent view from a far where you see not a cold structure, but an inviting place one would utter "home sweet home"; with blossoms and greens; tranquility of the sound of water; scent of freshness. And as you walk in, you see capturing speak and clean white's and metals. Around will be superb big and small equipment and things you see fit. Plush sofa's and coaches, entertainment system to widen your eyes...BUT there is warmth and comfort with the presence of individuality of those residing. In my mind I picture the cozy receiving area beside the pool, the femininity of the master’s bedroom and the adjoining bathroom and walk in closet.

Life can be so much fun to live...if you can only live your dream.


Posted by bleep

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