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Posted by bleep Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It’s the nicest word in the whole of our vocabulary, LOVE. Everyone wants to love and be loved. But do we really know what love is? We know that it feels nice. We learned that with that feeling is the need for sensations and physical connection. We hug our parents as we express what we feel, we use words to tell our children we love them, we kiss to relay what we feel.

Are we not confusing ourselves between love and lust at times? Between love and emotions? Between love and being in love?

The need to touch is overpowering when there is desire. It is euphoric and addictive that it clouds our judgment to the point of us not knowing if we lust or love the other person. A child follows an order from a parent with the emotion of fear instead of love. Or a woman thought to say “yes” to her man because she loves him but actually is just so “inlove” or carried away with the feelings attached to being inlove.

I CRAVE TO FULLY LOVE AND BE LOVED. Including loving myself. It has always been believed that before you can love, you have to first learn how to love yourself. According to the American Monk Burt Goldman, “loving ourselves is not a form of conceit.” We don’t believe ourselves to be greater than another just because we love ourselves. Instead we just see ourselves more in a positive light. And in doing so we would know that we are no greater or lesser than any other. With that knowledge we can freely love others as well.

As we look now in our world, it seems that people have less and less love for others and themselves. There’s evil everywhere. Life of another being is not given importance, material things rules the mind of individuals, the need to be powerful over others brings about greed, people prove others that they are ruthless by coveting any they like and you see selfishness, lust, or every inconsiderable actions and desires. With such, people do not love themselves enough to allow themselves be seen as rotting persona, to be seen and branded dark and evil. LOVE STARTS WITHIN YOURSELF.

And it’s still not too late to know how to find yourself. You might look whole but inside we are scattered. There are just way too many things to do and take care of that we tend to lose ourselves along the way. As a child we learn and discover, but through the years we encounter failures. We shy away from our childish belief that the world is revolving around us. We find ourselves revolving around the world and we are apparently a little more detached than how we wanted to. I know…I found myself! And now I am preparing myself to once again be whole to fully love and be loved as I deserve to be.


Posted by bleep Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work of Nature always is a good reliever of stress to me. Witnessing the wonders of them being created for us makes me love myself and everybody and everything else more...

It more like shouts out that I AM SPECIAL!


Posted by bleep

We all love to sleep, and we all hate nightmares. And that is what I crave for today…to sleep with only the best dreams. I wish I know how to fall asleep instantly or anytime I want to, to be able to have these sought-for good dreams. Usually, my dreams are just all too natural. Realistic, day-to-day life kind of dreams. Often, they are “boring” and uninteresting dreams. And that is the reason my interest perked as I heard of Silva’s technique with dreams.

We can know the meaning of dreams according to Silva. And that our dreams relates to our life, the stresses, the problems, everything that we may be focused on in our life. That at times, we believe that we are over a certain issue but in reality we are not. And this is the reason why it still appears in our dream or may be somewhat related to it. Because in our subconscious self, we are still not over it. Silva mentioned symbolism in our dream that can be parallel to our worries and problems. And she advised the use of the dream diary to be able to raise awareness between dream and reality.

Silva Method’s Dream Control technique can help you control the type of dream you wish to have including elimination of nightmares. This is one great way of helping people with traumatic experiences that keeps relieving those events in their dreams. I believe this to be a great tool for psych patients as well, those emotionally disturbed and even those with worries and problems faced in their waking hours. How nice will it be to forget them as you sleep. It also is a possible way to solve those concerns when you develop the ability to think of solutions WHILE YOU SLEEP. As in the Sleep Control Exercise, Silva iterates that the left hemisphere of the brain comprises of the self-talk and obsessive thought behaviors. When sleeping at the alpha phase, the right hemisphere is at its work. And this is when most solutions appear. “The Alpha state is the state of relaxed awareness.” This is where we are when we memorize things, we learn, we think, or when we successfully interact with others.

This could be the reason for movie makers and script writers to make a character come up with a solution so suddenly upon waking up. More like a bright idea conceived after a sleep. Some may say that they just had a restful sleep that cleared their mind and judgment for the solution to have suddenly dawn on them. Whatever else…the important thing to know is that there is a way for you who have not found it. In your dreams!!!


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