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Posted by bleep Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was out window shopping just so I can extend myself being in an air-conditioned room and not conserve way too much electricity at home and freak out with the bill come due date when I suddenly have this urge to look for a real nice flip flops.

I have a lot of them but not such with heels. I love the way it makes me a little taller than my petite height plus the way my feet looks, sexier! And I tell you, it is "IN". I saw every shop having one. So much to choose from. But being the perfectionist that I am, I have this design in my mind that the stores may have not thought of yet haha. So, as always, I have to see EVERY mall possible and look for that design before I finally settle on something they offer instead.

I'm sure you're thinking you don't want to be with me whenever I shop. I know, that's why I usually shop alone. No one can stand my persistence, hahaha. Or maybe you are just like me and we can shop together?


Posted by bleep

It has been weeks that I have been feeling sticky and sweaty whenever I'm not in an air-conditioned room. The humidity also is extremely irritating with almost no breeze.

Yesterday, May 26, I have heard that it has been the hottest recorded...the reason probably why I can't bear to stay still. I had to run back inside the room after fetching cool glasses of water, juices and icee drinks. I can't help but crave to literally fly to a snowy mountain!

How wonderful it would be to wear layers of clothing for a change. Honestly, I almost wear next to nothing when at home. It also would be nice to sipping steaming hot chocolate's, coffee and soup instead of all these cold drinks that I do even upon rising up in the morning. I always love a cup of coffee at breakfast before, now it's unthinkable.

Wherever can I find a genie in a bottle to wish for just be in a snowy mountain?! Love that scene of icecap mountains in my window, don't you?


Posted by bleep Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SUMMER is almost over, it being June in a few more weeks. And the moment month of June comes in...with it are the rainstorms that frequents the country. Thus comes to mind, dear friend Sendo that I can say have really MADE THE MOST OF SUMMER with all his fun-filled outings.

Just as suddenly, I felt like needing to spend as much time outside when the last few weeks I try not to with the heat and all. Beaches after beaches flashed through my mind. Where do I go first? I have to do so within the week, everyday?Every other day? At least twice a week?

O-oh, I hope I'm not running out of time. I have to check out my wardrobe...get a tan...plan the weekend getaway. NOW!!!

Funny how this LAST DAYS OF SUMMER can do to ones adrenaline, hahaha.


Posted by bleep Friday, May 21, 2010

First I've heard of this magnificent creation, I'd like to have my hands on it. Though I actually have not seen it yet then, since it's just on a pocketbook I've read almost a decade ago already,I know it's a beauty.

How can you not want to have one yourself when it's as handy as it is to organize everything you need instead of pens and papers to carry along?! And being a constant roamer in the blogosphere, I simply have to have one. Likewise, am always at different social networks. A mobile and a more means to surf the net in one...what more can you ask for?


Posted by bleep Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I already have a wedding ring in mind for the past decade. What do not have is a wedding to have it worn to me by my prince charming.

This has actually been brought to mind 2 days ago when my dear friend Mimi discussed with me her wedding preparations. It's not really easy to get shackled haha. It's truly costly and stressful. BUT then, this is every woman's dream. And that includes the gown you will be wearing and the ring that will be THERE forever!

Mine is the ETERNITY RING that signifies the "forever" and the "for richer" part LOL. Simply love the elegance and the beauty of it...sparkling diamonds and all (wink!)


Posted by bleep Friday, May 14, 2010

Now I also am in this mood for romantic movies...but not the modern day ones, but classic. And as always, it's one of my favorites SOMEWHERE IN TIME. Jane Symore and Christopher Reeve tandem that is refreshingly romantic (and clean, not vulgar like how it is these days).

Yes, it is nice to see how it was in the old days. How simple and sweet, and innocent. Do you also have such longings like me to experience life centuries ago at times?

During my blogosphere rounds, I have seen differing food...and one thing caught my pituitary glad...and it's calamari. And the moment such comes to mind, tempura goes with it. Now I am hoping I marketed for shrimps and squids instead just to satisfy this intense craving. Maybe this weekend then.

I am for Italian cuisine, but so with Japanese...and of course Filipino. Darn, I think my taste buds looks for European as well these days. Oh-kay...i think this is getting weird, the way I think like an obese obsessed with eating. Maybe it's the time of the month when my hormones are quite acting wild thus craves for FOOOOOOOOD!


Posted by bleep

The very famous quote "Time is Gold" means a lot to me today than ever. Since I am right now wishing for even just a day being a kid again.

...when my deepest concern is what game to play today, whether to eat this food laid down before me or feel my mom's wrath, how to keep my eyes open to finish this video game without my dad saying I am sleepy already, how to keep still pretending sleep as my mom wipes me clean and it's tickling me but i really am so tired to wash in the bathroom;

...when i can eat all the fatty food I can without feeling guilty, when I need not force myself to exercise since I've been running, jumping, hopping all day, when I have summer vacations when school is out, when I don't have to wake up early when it's raining real hard and not get myself all wet commuting in that hard rain, when I only have to ask elders for that pretty dress and not save on it;

...when I can play in house of fun for hours, when I can wear ANYTHING I want without seeing raised eyebrows or inviting wiggling of them, when I can show affection to everyone without any concern or exemption;

...when I crave for candies or candies worth of goods and not cars, houses, laptops or years of working worth of goods (in short: expensive goods).

LIFE simply moves on way too fast...and we just got to enjoy and savor every minute of it. Right now, I guess I just got to enjoy the partialities for my age or in the next phase will also be wishing that I made the most of the "prime of my life" age.


Posted by bleep Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not vanity but fashion, I tell you! Just last week I was able to grab an P800 worth bag for 70% lesser price…yippee! Thanks to this 3day sale I was able to push myself amongst throes of people to.

And now, I am hoping to have a matching red shoe to complete the attire. But this is how I am with shoes, I just got to see in every store I can go into which shoe I want and is worth the price before finally settling down to the BEST AMONG THE REST. I know, I know…you wouldn’t want to be with me during shopping. Well, actually, I love to shop alone as well. I hate tagging along anybody who might not be enjoying the search as I am.

I guess this is my latest craving…a matching shoe to my bag. I wonder where to look first, any advice?


Posted by bleep Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Or maybe it's just in my head...

I am like this for 2 days now. I think it's an inner hope of being the one to be having my photo's taken as I prepare for "The" I walk down the I share a toast for me and my groom. Can't blame me, I'M A WOMAN! Every woman I know craves to see the day they wear their dream wedding gown, partake their wedding cake and have that dance with prince charming. I guess I can say that I really am a dreamer, haha.

This actually came about when I browsed through my friends Multiply account and saw couple after couple's wedding pre-nuptial shots and their wedding day.

Do men dream of it as well? Or it's true that they get nauseous with just the mere thought of being shackled?


Posted by bleep Monday, May 3, 2010

Actually been thinking to come up with a badge...but I just can't think of a catchy but defining one. I have been neglecting on it when this good friend in the blogosphere Kayce left a message about it. "On with it Kayce... Promise to have one within the week. Thanks for the reminder."

I would love it if you would suggest for me to settle on one...

When you hear of TO CRAVE FOR or my blog in itself, what comes to mind?

would love your comment friends ;) thanks.


JOIN "Your Choice Tuesday"

...and be a part of my week along with friends in the blogosphere in somehow sharing our choices of this and that in this crazy world we live in. There is no right or wrong after all...WE ARE GIVEN FREE WILL TO CHOOSE (wink!)




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