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Posted by bleep Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.


Who would think that being messy in your workspace or office can make you WIN A HIGH END COMPUTER SYSTEM or AN ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE?!

Is your office space a pile of trash?  Maybe dark and not at all conducive, cannot be the idea of good working area, or is too small a space with loads of old furniture?  You can say that it’s the worst, most pathetic, truly unorganized office or cubicle with forgotten technology, too noisy environment or simply worth packing your things from and never to come back again…but now this type of crappy office can actually win you a price.

Pimp My Cube is willing to award you prizes if you would just join the contest from 12 noon of December 5, 2011 to 12 noon of January 31, 2012.


It’s as simple as just uploading a video of your office, explain why it’s so terrible and why the Contest Factory should “Pimp” your cube.  The more interesting your story is, the greater chance of winning.  It will be your own creativeness on how to deliver; anything goes. It can be funny, scary, whatever.  Or simply “just be witty with your approach”.

Winner will be judged by Contest Factory judges according to the BEST OF THE WORST’s video of office or cube, those with the most VOTES, and that which has the MOST COMPELLING STORY.  Sweepstakes entry points can be gained through registering, voting, commenting and inviting others to register as well.

As none yet has joined as of this time, your chances of winning is really good.  And its so easy to upload a video either from your mobile or webcam.


Want to warrant a thankful boss with such chances of winning superb prizes of:

Ø  New high end computer system

Ø  New Desk, chair, decorations

Ø  New entertainment package with high end stereo, espresso machine, and more


Or maybe the random drawing of $200 gift certificate as second price at the end of the contest period?


Wait no more.  Come and visit PMC site to register and start uploading.  Once video is approved all you have to do is ask your friends and love ones to vote on your Pimp My Cube Contest video to further increase the chance to convert your crappy place a happy place!

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Posted by bleep Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life is not getting any easier to live. We have to admit that there are way too many trials to face, and we just can’t go facing them alone. We naturally encounter difficulties and problems along the way, and at times that we are at our lowest we need to be reminded that we are not alone. And the best way is through the magic of touch. Surprising as it seem, even just the warmth of a friends palm on our back comforts us.

…this brings to mind the Healing touch technique shared most recently by Laura Silva. She reminded me of the comfort I seek from my mother when I was young and tumbled in the ground or when I cut myself with the toy I am playing with. True that with the mere soothing voice and the touch of love when she rubbed my back as I control my tears, everything felt better. As an adult, we still need the pampering. And the magic of touch heals even our deepest wounds. We get healed.

It is not a wonder why I connect this to the power of positive thinking. That kind of touch made me convince myself that everything is alright now, and this becomes the Holistic healing practices of being in that relaxed state, the Alpha and Theta brain state. This is when we can think straight without having the emotions interfere. In this state we become at ease, we get trained to be stressed free enough to do away with diseases, illnesses and those other factors that leads to being sick. It is said that we need to develop healing imagery where we imagine to achieve that perfectly healthy us we hope to be in. we visualize it to be a reality and it will. We also have to learn to Master our thoughts; in particular, the D-B-E process or the Desire, Belief and Expectancy. It is defined as “You know what you want; you believe it will happen; and you expect it to happen.”

The mind is powerful. If we only accept it enough to learn its capability of healing ourselves, may it be from physical, emotional or mental pain. Let us also share that capability by convincing others of its power and by using “touch” as the tool to the achievement of that goal. A firm but gentle handshake to convey your message of empathy, a warm squeeze on the shoulder, a press of your palm on the cheek, a hug…all those simple but effective ways to show that they are not alone…it will help convince that they are comforted and that they can make it through.


Posted by bleep Friday, December 9, 2011

I have always believed in positive thinking. It is not just on how the brain work as in accordance to science with the alpha, beta, theta or the delta stages and everything that is being said to brain waves INSTEAD on how negativity affects your own output in life and its effect on your decision making, on how your day goes, the being you that affects those others around you, etcetera.

Now I crave to always be reminded on this and not get affected with life happenings. It is but natural that we have differing reaction to things. Two people sitting in the waiting room for news of their love ones brought to the emergency room for the accident that has happened will probably accept the passing of that love one the same way but their recovery may differ. One may end up at peace offering it all to God and continue living though feeling the loss, while the other may end up confused, bitter, angry, hopeless thus next to being dead themselves. It is how we see things. How we decide to face adversities and trials.

There always is a bright side and a dark side. There is negative energy and positive energy. But it lies within us which will we entertain that which will affect us the most. IT IS OUR CHOICE. But who would want a life filled with misery when you can have a peaceful one? I personally would choose the happy place. And this is what led me to Silva’s advice on positivity to improve life. She gave 3 steps:
Silva focuses on the brain state, alpha state, where one is most relaxed. This is when one is in meditation or in a light sleep but awareness is said to be heightened. More like a mental exercise and in the same way letting yourself in this state to give you the chance to deal with things in life you can’t deal with while fully awake. It is like convincing yourself that you can do them and so will be able to. And then in this state, you will also reprogram what is on your mind. Change all the negatives with positives. Only beautiful things will exist. Then when you are awake you can also see these instead. You get to tell a story, make a new story for you to live in.


Posted by bleep Sunday, December 4, 2011

SLURP! I remember the wedding I attended just 2 weeks ago and can't help wishing for that pasta they served second, a fettucine pasta with pesto sauce.

Actually now browsing through in hopes of learning how to make one as that. Believe me...truly mouthwatering! Anyone can give me an advice on how to make an outstanding pesto pasta?


Posted by bleep

I wished I can be as confident as those speakers I listen to in conventions. They handled themselves pretty well sharing their knowledge, relates it to experiences or however they convey to be in line with the theme. Some are serious and direct. Some are light and funny. But the important thing is that they are effective. I believed myself incapable of being a speaker fronting a large group, even an individual scared me before. Until I was given the chance to prove myself better than I believe myself to be. Until I was able to truly gain self confidence.

My superior saw in me the wit I did not see in myself. I did not recognize the sensitivity to others she said will send the message across. Probably because I was young and naïve. If at first I was merely trying to do my job as directed of me by having the bravado I don’t actually feel as inside I was a nervous wreck, it changed into something I became proud of each time I was able to handle myself in front of people. Until I can became the speaker I never thought I will be speaking in front of hundreds of people.

YOU CAN DO IT IF OTHERS CAN! It is but a matter of wanting to change into something better. It is a CHOICE TO CHANGE to be better. And then you keep dreaming and hoping to achieve your goal. Do what is needed like learning. If you want to be a musician learn the notes, if you want to be a professional study, if you want to be able to draw learn the basic and keep practicing…and more! And more means no stopping. Think of ways that will help you reach your goal. You might be able to perfect your playing with the piano but without connections you still are not halfway your goal. Look further ahead with the paths to fulfillment. Each and every branch through it will be helpful therefore try and travel them.

If you crave to be better as I once did and still do, learn how to change your life. I am again inspired to do so when I came across Quantum Jumping’s post on change. Burt Goldman says how you live now affects “you” in your future as much as the past affects your present, and so the past is why your future is as it is. They are interrelated. And so touches on why not make your past predict your future. That there is no NOW because what you have just said or did become the past instantly. It’s more like why not always do what is for your future. Interesting, eh?

…crave as I do! (wink!)


Posted by bleep Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It’s the nicest word in the whole of our vocabulary, LOVE. Everyone wants to love and be loved. But do we really know what love is? We know that it feels nice. We learned that with that feeling is the need for sensations and physical connection. We hug our parents as we express what we feel, we use words to tell our children we love them, we kiss to relay what we feel.

Are we not confusing ourselves between love and lust at times? Between love and emotions? Between love and being in love?

The need to touch is overpowering when there is desire. It is euphoric and addictive that it clouds our judgment to the point of us not knowing if we lust or love the other person. A child follows an order from a parent with the emotion of fear instead of love. Or a woman thought to say “yes” to her man because she loves him but actually is just so “inlove” or carried away with the feelings attached to being inlove.

I CRAVE TO FULLY LOVE AND BE LOVED. Including loving myself. It has always been believed that before you can love, you have to first learn how to love yourself. According to the American Monk Burt Goldman, “loving ourselves is not a form of conceit.” We don’t believe ourselves to be greater than another just because we love ourselves. Instead we just see ourselves more in a positive light. And in doing so we would know that we are no greater or lesser than any other. With that knowledge we can freely love others as well.

As we look now in our world, it seems that people have less and less love for others and themselves. There’s evil everywhere. Life of another being is not given importance, material things rules the mind of individuals, the need to be powerful over others brings about greed, people prove others that they are ruthless by coveting any they like and you see selfishness, lust, or every inconsiderable actions and desires. With such, people do not love themselves enough to allow themselves be seen as rotting persona, to be seen and branded dark and evil. LOVE STARTS WITHIN YOURSELF.

And it’s still not too late to know how to find yourself. You might look whole but inside we are scattered. There are just way too many things to do and take care of that we tend to lose ourselves along the way. As a child we learn and discover, but through the years we encounter failures. We shy away from our childish belief that the world is revolving around us. We find ourselves revolving around the world and we are apparently a little more detached than how we wanted to. I know…I found myself! And now I am preparing myself to once again be whole to fully love and be loved as I deserve to be.


Posted by bleep Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work of Nature always is a good reliever of stress to me. Witnessing the wonders of them being created for us makes me love myself and everybody and everything else more...

It more like shouts out that I AM SPECIAL!


Posted by bleep

We all love to sleep, and we all hate nightmares. And that is what I crave for today…to sleep with only the best dreams. I wish I know how to fall asleep instantly or anytime I want to, to be able to have these sought-for good dreams. Usually, my dreams are just all too natural. Realistic, day-to-day life kind of dreams. Often, they are “boring” and uninteresting dreams. And that is the reason my interest perked as I heard of Silva’s technique with dreams.

We can know the meaning of dreams according to Silva. And that our dreams relates to our life, the stresses, the problems, everything that we may be focused on in our life. That at times, we believe that we are over a certain issue but in reality we are not. And this is the reason why it still appears in our dream or may be somewhat related to it. Because in our subconscious self, we are still not over it. Silva mentioned symbolism in our dream that can be parallel to our worries and problems. And she advised the use of the dream diary to be able to raise awareness between dream and reality.

Silva Method’s Dream Control technique can help you control the type of dream you wish to have including elimination of nightmares. This is one great way of helping people with traumatic experiences that keeps relieving those events in their dreams. I believe this to be a great tool for psych patients as well, those emotionally disturbed and even those with worries and problems faced in their waking hours. How nice will it be to forget them as you sleep. It also is a possible way to solve those concerns when you develop the ability to think of solutions WHILE YOU SLEEP. As in the Sleep Control Exercise, Silva iterates that the left hemisphere of the brain comprises of the self-talk and obsessive thought behaviors. When sleeping at the alpha phase, the right hemisphere is at its work. And this is when most solutions appear. “The Alpha state is the state of relaxed awareness.” This is where we are when we memorize things, we learn, we think, or when we successfully interact with others.

This could be the reason for movie makers and script writers to make a character come up with a solution so suddenly upon waking up. More like a bright idea conceived after a sleep. Some may say that they just had a restful sleep that cleared their mind and judgment for the solution to have suddenly dawn on them. Whatever else…the important thing to know is that there is a way for you who have not found it. In your dreams!!!


Posted by bleep Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Diageo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Men and women today learned to appreciate the joy of mingling.  Apart from the friendship discovered and strengthened with get-togethers are the advantages of growing confidence, improved personality, widening knowledge...or the heightened quality as a person.  We share and we listen.  We learn and relearn.

A toast often follows for each experience.  A toast to life.  And served are different drinks to spark the gaiety; from rum, sherry, wine, brandy, gin, vodka, whiskey or mixed drinks down to non-alcoholic sparkles.  Most recent talk of town is the Zacapa premium rum.  Interesting history of this rum has been told and everyone agrees that it is indeed the best among world’s best tasting rums.

ZacapaIt all started in the town of Zacapa in eastern Guatemala year 1976 when they celebrated their centenary and gave birth this now craved for premium dark rum.  With the country’s fertile landscape, acidic soils and longer time blessed with the sun up and shining, quality sugar cane can be expected.  There’s no place better in the world than in Guatemala can one grow the best canes, and that is none other than in volcanic soil.  An unusual rum, most says, for being the only one that uses virgin sugar cane honey (concentrated first press of sugar cane) instead of the usual molasses which comes from the process of making sugar.  Natural resources really are to be thanked for even in the benefit it gives for the ageing process.  Two thousand three hundred meters (2,300m) above sea level, one can find the House Above the Clouds which is one of the highest ageing facilities in the world. Aside from the cool mountain air that slows down the ageing process, another contributory factor to the distinctive taste of Zacapa rum is the unique Sistema Solera.  This is a system acquired from the Spaniards way of ageing sherry 500 years ago.  All of Zacapa rum passes through casks that have housed American whiskey, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines thereby producing the exceptional taste of Zacapa.

Truly an interesting information to share.  No wonder many joins the Zacapa Society.  Not only do they get exclusive details about this wonderful product but also be among the lucky ones to receive superb gifts and prices.  To be part of Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at  Be with people who share the same interest as you do and start another group of the “mingling’s” we all enjoy most to add spice and sparkle to our oh-so-busy life.  Life is too short.  Enjoy the most of it with the craved for ZACAPA PREMIUM RUM.

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Posted by bleep Thursday, September 22, 2011

BORACAY is one of the most prestige and popular beaches in the country...and it is already known worldwide! In fact it has been proclaimed the world's 4th best island in the world in the 16th annual "Best World Awards" as mentioned in an American travel and leisure magazine. Who wouldn't want to be amongst the thousands to enjoy that powdery white sand, the festivity that happens until the wee hours of the night, to be with the warm and beautiful people, and to enjoy the many delicacies of the tropical country.

And I for one craves to sit on that beach, see adn enjoy the wonderful creation here in far east. And if possible, also to those top 3 winning beaches in: 1st Santorini, Greece, 2nd Bali, Indonesia and 3rd in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

How about you?


Posted by bleep Monday, September 19, 2011

Who wouldn't want to find the best to work with? I have been hoping to find someone to help me with my writings, and yes I found some, but there aren't a lot of options to choose from. I wish to find the candidate that possess all that I seek and not like one have this and another have that. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Imagine needing an employee to hire for your office work. And you found one who is great in handling your paper works but not really great with the reception. Will you hire two when you can hire one that will be good with both? Or for your house renovations, one can do everything you need from flooring, painting and even simple plumbing...will you pass the chance to hire that person and instead choose to hire 3 different persons who can do the job the same way and time as that one splendid worker?

Problem always lies in OPTIONS. If you have no other choice but what is in front of you, you tend to give in and hire. Be glad that now there is a handyman service where you can post what you are looking for and they will come to you thereby giving you lots of options. It's as simple as stating what the project is about, defining your preference, the need, the budget...and voila! You have applicants to choose from. And it's FREE to use. Just visit and believe that I have met the craving for a great hire.

It's been a while since I last had my favorite rice gruel, "Halo-Halo" at one of the famous Chinese Restaurants in the country, Luk Yuen. After the shattering explosion in Makati, and the very restaurant I frequent included, I was not able to have the long craved for rice gruel.

It's not everyday that I crave for Chinese cuisine. There are times that I go for Italian with the mouth-watering pasta and pizza's, at times western meals of steak and potatoes, sometimes Japanese Katsudon and Tempura, or the usual Filipino Grilled dishes and coconut based viands. I favor variety. And Chinese is amongst those mentioned that I set my mind into having with their famous noodles as well as their dimsum and dumplings. But it's just in Luk Yuen that I eat these big bowl of very tasty and yummy rice gruel topped with flakes I am not really sure what, which I advice for you to try either the Halo-Halo or Bola-Bola flavors. It different. Good different. Love it as I do and 'm sure you'll keep coming back.


Posted by bleep Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


For years we have been struggling to keep our calls limited simply because the plan we have is just way too out of the budget already and we can’t afford to go beyond it anymore. But now, I found STRAIGHT TALK and my bills are half the price that I have been managing...and get more offers than ever before.  Actually, everything you need!  “All You Need Plan” is a mere $45 inclusive of 1000 minutes talk time, 1000 text messages and 30MB web data plus 411 calls with no extra charge.  Definitely next to UNLIMITED already.  It is reason enough to get this unlimited access for a year amounting only to $499.   

How can you get one?  Easier than ever.  Because with STRAIGHT TALK, no contract, credit checks or bills surprises.  Yes, no annual contract that binds, just as my FLW idol Scot Canterbury assures.   What you see is what you get.  No activation, reactivation or termination charges keeping you bound free.  call a friend  where ever she is and you get excellent signal as it is nationwide coverage.

Also, with STRAIGHT TALK International Long Distance Service, a flexible prepaid calling service enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates.

STRAIGHT TALK simply makes me feel like jumping with joy for the savings I get now that my bills are half way below my budget meant just for communications.  I get to save more and what more can I ask for?  I can finally alot the savings to my dream of traveling other places.  Thanks to mom for sharing this wonderful news days ago.  I was at first adamant believing I already got the best deal with my plan that I had for 3 years now. Truly, mom knows bestAnd I appreciated it more when I finally came to choose which phone I want... STRAIGHT TALK offers amazing smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth® from known phone manufacturers such as  LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  I even got a great deal for my pre-schooler for only $10, a phone that pleases her tremendously for the camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth. 

STRAIGHT TALK is what I have craved for.  Now it’s time for you to crave for it.  Here them below and believe that it truly is worth craving for!



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Posted by bleep Saturday, August 27, 2011

The famous "fish spa" in Tiendesita's in Ortigas is one of the most desired places-to-go-to in my list. And thanks to this long weekend because I see hope of finally trying it out with my kiddo and cousin Czaweenah. If only typhoon Mina goes away fast!?

This Fish Spa is actually a treat for my tired and drying feet. The fishes will nibble and this nibbling they say will help take off the dead skin we want to be removed to make the soles of our feet smooth once again. I imagine that it will be ticklish but interestingly cute. That is the reason I want to bring my li'l one with us. She will definitely enjoy the treat too, not for the purpose but for the chance to be with the cute li'l fishes she so love.

It is just beside the big Mall in Ortigas, and costs P200 for a 20 minute treat. The experience in itself is all worth it, I'm sure. So...please Mina, shoooo!


Posted by bleep Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just as Jennifer Grossman did in publishing editorials and appearing in televisions to share a message, I also crave to send a message across and be heard. My heart goes to all people who are not aware of the problem in health and nutrition. The increasing prevalence of obesity that is the major cause for different diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, cancers and the many others, the incidence of childhood obesity in line with adult obesity, the mortality and morbidity rate directly related to overweight and obesity. Dole Nutrition Institute came up with a campaign to beat the alarming rate. Promoting the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet, Dole DNI did not stop with mere provision of healthy products, instead have compiled scientifically-validated articles that are easy to access for public use. Imparting knowledge on health and nutrition is the primary role of the site and differing articles can be found that can be very useful for everfyone. One of which is the “CABBAGE COMPOUND CALMS COLITIS (or colon inflammation) :

This St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate the healing prowess of cabbage – one of the traditional staples of Irish cuisine. Like other cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc.), cabbage contains powerful phytochemicals with possible anti-cancer effects. Now, new research is investigating the potential of such compounds to counter ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that significantly increases the risk of colon cancer.

Researchers at South Dakota State University isolated and administered particular cruciferous compounds to mice afflicted with ulcerative colitis. Among the more impressive results: a whopping 87% reduction in colon inflammation after five days of observation. Further investigation suggests the compounds work in a dose-dependent manner (e.g., double the intake, double the effect), specifically by suppressing genes associated with inflammation.

While more research is needed to confirm these benefits in humans, there are plenty of reasons to eat more cruciferous vegetables, and cabbage in particular. One cup of cabbage contains 80% vitamin K, 50% vitamin C and 10% folate for just 20 calories. High cabbage intake among Polish women (30 lbs. annually vs. 10 lbs. for American women) may contribute to the former's 66% lower risk of breast cancer. Try an unconventional approach to a time-honored dish with this recipe for Unstuffed Cabbage.

Bonus: Asparagus may be another vegetable to include this St. Patrick’s Day – especially if you’re celebrating with Irish ale. One lab study showed that asparagus extract helped curb liver toxicity.

Main objective of Jennifer Grossman Dole has been met with this article, and that is the incorporation of fruits and vegetables in an American diet. I am no Jennifer Grossman Dole Nutrition Institute, but I am me who have the same heart that wishes for the public to know that fruits and vegetables plays a major role in achieving good health. Dole Nutrition Institute Jennifer Grossman together with other dietitians like me sees the advantage of these natural resources...and backed up with researches and articles, may you be another to spread this information starting with your love ones.


Posted by bleep Saturday, April 23, 2011

We have to accept that we are past the age of playing with our dolls and matchboxes. We don't go calling our friends and ask them to play tag outside. BUT we still have that childishness in us. We may not play with dolls, but we have pretty figurines or paintings of those ladies. You don't go under the table playing with your tiny car but go outside and drive your car. At times we still crave to play around with friends playing tag and so do so with our pass-around forwarded messages in our mobiles and emails.


So do not get surprised that you love to have things kids like . I for one want them! Personalized and colorful laundry bag is one. One look and I know I want one for myself. I hang it at a corner in my room and I gave a little impish grin first time I had it. Imagine using it at home or when I head off somewhere for the weekend, and I flaunt it! Nice to have compliments from my equally interested friends.

Personalized tote bags did not escape my interested eyes too when I had a glimpsed at it. I remember being in grade school and my school bag have my big name on it. Well, I have one again. And so does my friends since I gave one for their birthdays. It's just so pleasing to find a tote that is not so stiff that you are not comfortable carrying it. I love the softness and the way it forms to how you want it with your things inside. And it is washable, not those harmful to the environment plastic totes.

There's still more to us being kid. You probably like the clays and doughs too like I do. But then it's not anymore those that keeps us interested. We still love building things. The houses we used to build with clay, and the surroundings, now made even better with designing our own houses and landscapes. Just like how we are pleased with what Dallas landscaping are good at. How they can transform our common place to a magnificent work of art!

Our eyes still twinkles like how they do when we were kids...because there is still a kid in you and me!


Posted by bleep

Let us welcome SUMMER with the thought that it will not be a total bore!!! It should not be just staying home all day everyday, but have fun filled days. Days to add knowledge, days to improve on yourself.

We differ in what we hope to do. It could probably be learning a new instrument. Guitar, Keyboards, Flute...or Harp? Voice lesson or dance lesson is also a thing to consider if you are really inclined with music and entertaining. Or maybe you love sports and start with Swimming, Boxing, Martial Arts? After all they can also be useful to your summer outings and self defense. For some they focus on art. Either in the form of drawings, paintings or theater arts.

Whatever else you choose...pick out something that you will enjoy at the same time something you can and will use. There are offers from government and non government sectors of free learning activities as well. Like in our country, TESDA is known for free language lessons. I would love to learn Chinese! French, Spanish, Japanese usually are offered too. They also have cooking lessons or grooming. Or some also for livelihood and some for computer literacy. It actually is just a matter of interest. Easy to see TESDA...just ask MR. GOOGLE!

These are just a couple of hours so you do not have to worry of missing out on the "fun" part of summer, the Outings!


Posted by bleep Sunday, April 10, 2011

I need to feel that I can also be as capable as them who have a business along side their normal jobs. That is the wisest thing to do these days, not to just be content with what is coming from your salary because it truly is not contenting.

And the best idea I have right now is to help house owners around who definitely needs my help with their lawn maintenance and gardening. This idea came up with the success of dallas lawn maintenance. Imagine turning a jungle into a beautiful garden again! What an exhilirating experience and achievement you will have each time.

Another is the high demand of personalized items to give away in line with the thought that there is not much competition anymore. I myself have looked for one but it took me 3 hours drive to just to get one. Thanks to dallas embroidery for reminding me that it is a great business option.

School year 2011 starts on June here on my end, and kids are
the major thought each time school comes up. I simply am considering kids backpacks. And they don't even use them for the sole purpose of schooling. They even seek for cute bags for vacation, for malling, for going out!

What do you think? 3 great ideas so far...and I am getting more and more excited. If you were me, what would it be?


Posted by bleep

Sometimes I just want to blow a whistle and like in a basketball game have a TIME OUT.

A break from seeing all the worldly stress affect people. It's not just the money that everybody needs, but the effect of not having much to them, all the natural calamities that makes one think if the end is coming, of all the wickedness of man around me and the innocent being more than just affected but a victim of it all.

IT IS A CRAVING to have a light and easy life. NOT for me alone but for everyone. Because that will give me the peace I really need.


Posted by bleep Friday, March 25, 2011

If you are a mom, you are more selfless than others. You think not of yourself alone. It's always your kid first before you. When you're out in the mall, you buy things for them instead of yourself. As you walk along to window shop, your feet takes you to the kids section than the women's. And it is a natural craving to provide them with the best things you can give them.

From clothes to toys, school things to nap mat, stephen joseph bags to lunch tote. When you see a beautiful "anything" you think of them and if goes with your budget. At times you even save to get them those. BUT not to the point of spoiling them too.

We have to accept the fact that they are a part of us. And them being dependent of us and so little and vulnerable, we tend to give them things that they might want and things that they will be happy to have. Making them happy doubly makes us happy. And you have to agree with me that this bag here is simply adorable!


Posted by bleep Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Join YOUR CHOICE TUESDAY and have fun exchanging ideas. Visit 2CRAVE4 again and again, get the button as a way of appreciation for an idea of a post...and

I love driving! The feeling of being responsible combined with the feeling of freedom almost always are felt each time I positioned myself in front of the steering wheel. Added to it is that euphoric feeling of being able to, that not everyone can, and that I am blessed enough to be have that capability. Maybe you feel the same way too?

But notice that I said "almost always" because there are times that I hope I am not driving. What are those instances? Traffic is given. But there are two others that I thought of just now that I hope not to drive in...the ZIGZAG ROAD and the ROCKY TERRAIN.

Never tried them yet, have you? And if there are two roads left for you to travel on for hours, will it be the dizzying stiff zigzag that will probably leave you crossed eyed? Or the very rocky path that makes you chatter for a long time (even after the trip you made as an after effect)?

DUH!? Hard to choose eh? But what will be yours?

Join the fun people...share!


Heard this American Idol Cris Medina sing Breakeven? Wonderful voice. But what really made it more touching is his LOVE STORY. Tragic and sad. Imagine having an outstandingly pretty fiance, and two months before you get married have an accident causing brain injury?! He is a man to salute! Because he did not leave her at this most trying time of her life. He stuck by her "in sickness and in health". Hear their story, and witness the unselfless love heheave for her.

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Posted by bleep Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have our up's and down's, we can't deny that fact. The wheel of life turns and one moment we are at the peek of things then it turns again and we suddenly finds ourselves at lowest point of our life.

That is how it is...but what matters is that we don't lose hope. We should always bear in mind that in every obstruction there is a possible way out, that in every problem there is a solution. Likewise, financial problems come and go. And more than half of the adult population recognizes the help of credit cards. But not the hundred percent of credit card users maintain good credit rating. At one time or another some forget to pay their bills on time, some did not give much importance to the need to pay back, some may have unwittingly over-splurged disregarding the fact that it is over their capacity...and ended up paying debts, cancellation of credit cards probably, and the like. Not wise but not the end of your credit card days. Some comes to a point in time when they think they simply are not allowable of applying for credit cards anymore. Not true. Because you can actually do credit rebuilding. Yes there is an answer to your prayers! You can have credit cards to rebuild credit. You can go back to those days when you have this utmost need to use it to still buy food and provide for your family though your salary is a little short due to the leave you had to take a few weeks back, or when you had to use it more wisely now and buy the necessary things only to make your business stay afloat as you try to manage your finances.

As I said, do not lose hope. You still have the option to rebuild credit cards. You just have to know where to look (wink!)

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This is an almost common question encountered in dating games. And I would want to prove how different we all are in the choices we make. There is no right or wrong because that is who we are and of what our life perspective is. Whichever are practical and is insightful of how your life with your supposed better half will be. You know how romantic you will be and how content you will be because you know what you want and such will result to the best relationship you think you can ever have....AND THAT IS IF YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.


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Posted by bleep

So many unthinkable things happen in this life. One moment we are happy, the next moment we are in misery. The unpredictability of life makes us vulnerable in every breath we take. It surprises us at times we least expect it, and it keeps us wondering when we do.

Unfortunate accidents are the most common daily occurrence in which many people suffers. In different ways, at different times, with different conclusions. We cannot be blind to the fact that there are a whole lot of injustices.

So many cases I have seen in the news or witnessed first hand during my hospital rounds charting and patient visitations. Those that have been raced to the emergency room for hit and run vehicular accidents, those that needs immediate surgery for dog attack, those that has to suffer yet again from a previous hospitalization due to medical negligence or malpractice...unending list of cases that sometimes ends up with the victim shouting for justice.

Lucky them if they have someone to take care of things for them like the sacramento personal injury lawyer . The family at the time of the unfortunate occurrence will be agitated, confused, and is not thinking straight. They would need guidance, they would need someone to tell them of their options, of the legalities of everything. They would need assurance that the unfairness of the situation can be made right, and the injustice can be put to justice. Life is fair if you get the chance to make it fair. It is your call.

Craving to SEE THE LIGHT too as Rapunzel did at the latest Disney creation I have seen and loved, Tangled. I love this song. And the effect that certain part of the touched the very core of my heart. I cried, and cried even more the second time I watched it. Do you agree with me that the song is simply great?!

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Almost everybody have this dream of finally finding their life long partner. To love and to cherish, to grow with, to enjoy life with, to fulfill his/her wishes, to pamper, "do everything" with.

IT IS HUMAN NATURE! We were created not to be alone. The very first man did not stay alone, immediately followed the first woman. They were blessed to be together, and two became one. And within those vows shared today, man and woman makes oneself available for the other. Because both perceives equal needs. The need to interact, need for companionship...the need to share, the need to prick the senses, the need to fulfill ones goal and ones essence. Love and appreciation comes with these. And with love comes fulfillment of all other human needs, may it be physical or not. We crave to impart our thoughts, we crave to oblige to the need of the other and expects our needs to also be given notice. We need not display rabbit vibrators to convey the message of our need for sexual fulfillment, nor do we hire a companion to let him know of our need for his presence, or even record past conversations and listen to them in exchange for the quiet evenings you hate as he still bring home work to which he had been to all day. It has to be given in recognition of human needs and in giving love. This is amongst the common cravings of partners within the vows...and so is a common dream of individuals to have for a fulfilling life long committment.


Posted by bleep Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are in different side of the globe therefore we also have different temperature. There are those who have 4 seasons and there are those who only have 2.

"Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...all you've got to do is call and I 'll be there yes I will..." as one of the old songs say. Four seasons, four differing climate and temperature. And then there is the Rainy Season and Dry/Summer Season but with mild to moderate bearable temperature.

What if you have only TWO options that are truly opposing? Would you prefer it hot and humid when you will be sticky and sweaty all the time? You would be craving for constant dip in the water, in a bath or in the pool. You would be thirsty and hot thus resort to cold icy drinks and treats. Bare to the skin as much as possible. Irritated and hot tempered unless in an air-conditioned room. What then of your electricity bill?!

Or if very cold your ears and nose suffering from frost bite almost? You wear layer after layer of clothing you look like a mummy walking. You almost try to give excuses just so your mom will not force you to take your daily bath. It will always be hot chocolate or coffee brews you crave for. At this time all you wish for is to see the sun and feel its natural heat and not the heat from your heater. Again, what of your electricity bill?!

So, which is which?


Posted by bleep

After the holidays, I now have more time to sit and recall all the partying and fuzz. We are in this ordinary days of routine. But we have more time to reminisce and hope and plan and prepare for the next holiday season 10 months from now.

There had been so much singing then. My relatives and friends are all hooked with videoke on gatherings...and I have to admit I do not have the most wonderful of voices. Well, yes I can sing...but not the way I want to. I admire those who can get the attention of others with a smile of appreciation and not a quirk for the noise you are making or friendly laugh of encouragement. I know it takes practice. I know it will give you much bravado and confidence if you are sure that you will hit all the notes perfectly.

Now I believe I will forgo the dancing. I am good at it's a God-given talent. What I need is a voice lesson. In a few months, with voice lesson, you can sing. Really sing. And it is always nice to be able to do better than others. What of you? Maybe you can join my craving to learn and be good?


Posted by bleep Tuesday, January 25, 2011



We have our own preferences with regards to this issue, having different careers, being in different line of interest.

An older boss can probably mean more sincerity and formality but not always a need for more intensity to job. In the same manner, a younger boss can demand more time, energy and drive. They might be informal and more for the new age technology but would be more advanced and needs more coping up.

An older boss can be more customary and traditional but does not always necessarily mean to be predictable. A younger boss can be light and easy with camaraderie but could also be detached knowing the difference of a strict work relationship over friendly environment.

In your opinion...which is which for your choice and line of work?


Posted by bleep Monday, January 17, 2011

It's not just me wishing this...but many others. Probably you as well?

I have always admired those celebrities or even commercial models having long hair. At times those long wavy hair and at times those with very straight ones. Truly worth craving for, don't you think? Its all shiny and bouncy...and HEALTHY!

What I know for sure is that those hair are well cared for. Maybe with the needed treatments that costs a whole lot. And I wonder if can't I have it without those treatments...the answer came: YES!

First off, if we want to have LONG hair, we need to have long hair vitamins. It cannot grow long without proper nutrients. Our diet may be poor with all the calories we are trying to lose to shape up. Be aware that we can't lose the nutrients we need to keep us healthy. We have to know the proper diet. And if it is not suffice to get the needed vitamins and minerals through the food we partake, we have to have supplements. Same goes for our hair, we need also to have a diet for healthy hair. We have to make sure that in totality our body, including the hair, is provided with what it needs to keep it healthy and strong. Eat the right amount of food, get the right amount of nutrients.

But it doesn't end there if you want those long, healthy hair. There are also do's and dont's we have to follow. Like in washing long hair we can't just wash with shampoo. Conditioner is a need to get the tangles off and to keep it moisturized. Rinsing with cold water than hot to close up the cuticles. The combs to use should be large tines. The drying should not be furious rubbing of towel or too often use of the blower. As well as not too frequent use of hair chemicals.

It's not so hard after all. It's just commitment and your true desire to have your hair long and healthy. I soon enough I'l have it. And you?

I was as wrong as I could be
To let you get away from me
I'll regret that move
For as long as I'm livin'
But now that I've come to see the light
All I wanna do is make things right
So just say the word
And tell me that I'm forgiven
You and me
We're gonna be better than we were before
I loved you then but now I intend
To open up and love you even more
This time you can be sure

I'm never gonna let you go
I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever
Gonna try and make up for all the times
I hurt you so
Gonna hold your body close to mine
From this day on we're gonna be together
Oh I swear this time
I'm never gonna let you go

Looking back now
It seems so clear
I had it all when you were here
Oh you gave it all
And I took it for granted
But if there's some feeling left in you
Some flicker of love
That still shines through
Let's talk it out
Let's talk about second chances
Wait and see
It's gonna be
Sweeter than it was before
I gave some then but now I intend
To dedicate myself to giving more
This time you can be sure

I'm never gonna let you go
I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever
Gonna try and make up for all the times
I hurt you so
Gonna hold your body close to mine
From this day on we're gonna be together
Oh I swear this time
I'm never gonna let you go

Oh... so if you'll just say
You want me to... I'm...
Never gonna let you go
I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever
Gonna try and make up for all the times
I hurt you so
Gonna hold your body close to mine
From this day on we're gonna be together
Oh I swear this time
I'm never gonna let you go

Never gonna let you go
Hold you in my arms forever
Gonna try and make up for all the times
I hurt you so
Hold your body close to mine
All we're gonna be together
Oh I swear this time
I'm never gonna let you go...

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Posted by bleep Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a whole new year and I was kind of thinking that maybe I need a new hobby. Well, yes I will not let go of my reading pocketbooks, watching season by season of Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice or whatever else I am hooked at at the moment...but I think I need something more physically active.

And guess what I thought of? Kick boxing. And I have a punching bag already, thanks to my brother who once used it. The problem is I need something sturdy to hang it with. I believe beam clamps are the best there is that would assure me that it will not just suddenly fall off and hurt anybody, especially little ones, who will bein the backyard if I am not.

It's such a nice idea to start the year thinking of good health. After all, I was a little less active the past year. Now all I need is something to motivate me into moving. And it's always something that you will enjoy. Mine would be kick boxing. How about you?


Posted by bleep Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same" by Nelson Mandela

Borrowing his thought...I believe that it is indeed the time to shine. There are times that we tend to hide beyond the shadow of another, or when we let other people's light be brighter than ours when we know that our light is in fact purer than theirs. Know in your heart that sharing the blessing given you will benefit others. That instead of the feeling of being overly confident or proud...feel that you are being generous. That you are not keeping to yourself the knowledge but making it available for others to learn from and to imitate. Let your light be an exemplary shining example, just as I fulfill my craving of extending help through example.


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