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Posted by bleep Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have our up's and down's, we can't deny that fact. The wheel of life turns and one moment we are at the peek of things then it turns again and we suddenly finds ourselves at lowest point of our life.

That is how it is...but what matters is that we don't lose hope. We should always bear in mind that in every obstruction there is a possible way out, that in every problem there is a solution. Likewise, financial problems come and go. And more than half of the adult population recognizes the help of credit cards. But not the hundred percent of credit card users maintain good credit rating. At one time or another some forget to pay their bills on time, some did not give much importance to the need to pay back, some may have unwittingly over-splurged disregarding the fact that it is over their capacity...and ended up paying debts, cancellation of credit cards probably, and the like. Not wise but not the end of your credit card days. Some comes to a point in time when they think they simply are not allowable of applying for credit cards anymore. Not true. Because you can actually do credit rebuilding. Yes there is an answer to your prayers! You can have credit cards to rebuild credit. You can go back to those days when you have this utmost need to use it to still buy food and provide for your family though your salary is a little short due to the leave you had to take a few weeks back, or when you had to use it more wisely now and buy the necessary things only to make your business stay afloat as you try to manage your finances.

As I said, do not lose hope. You still have the option to rebuild credit cards. You just have to know where to look (wink!)

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This is an almost common question encountered in dating games. And I would want to prove how different we all are in the choices we make. There is no right or wrong because that is who we are and of what our life perspective is. Whichever are practical and is insightful of how your life with your supposed better half will be. You know how romantic you will be and how content you will be because you know what you want and such will result to the best relationship you think you can ever have....AND THAT IS IF YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.


Join the fun people...share!


Posted by bleep

So many unthinkable things happen in this life. One moment we are happy, the next moment we are in misery. The unpredictability of life makes us vulnerable in every breath we take. It surprises us at times we least expect it, and it keeps us wondering when we do.

Unfortunate accidents are the most common daily occurrence in which many people suffers. In different ways, at different times, with different conclusions. We cannot be blind to the fact that there are a whole lot of injustices.

So many cases I have seen in the news or witnessed first hand during my hospital rounds charting and patient visitations. Those that have been raced to the emergency room for hit and run vehicular accidents, those that needs immediate surgery for dog attack, those that has to suffer yet again from a previous hospitalization due to medical negligence or malpractice...unending list of cases that sometimes ends up with the victim shouting for justice.

Lucky them if they have someone to take care of things for them like the sacramento personal injury lawyer . The family at the time of the unfortunate occurrence will be agitated, confused, and is not thinking straight. They would need guidance, they would need someone to tell them of their options, of the legalities of everything. They would need assurance that the unfairness of the situation can be made right, and the injustice can be put to justice. Life is fair if you get the chance to make it fair. It is your call.

Craving to SEE THE LIGHT too as Rapunzel did at the latest Disney creation I have seen and loved, Tangled. I love this song. And the effect that certain part of the touched the very core of my heart. I cried, and cried even more the second time I watched it. Do you agree with me that the song is simply great?!

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Posted by bleep

Almost everybody have this dream of finally finding their life long partner. To love and to cherish, to grow with, to enjoy life with, to fulfill his/her wishes, to pamper, "do everything" with.

IT IS HUMAN NATURE! We were created not to be alone. The very first man did not stay alone, immediately followed the first woman. They were blessed to be together, and two became one. And within those vows shared today, man and woman makes oneself available for the other. Because both perceives equal needs. The need to interact, need for companionship...the need to share, the need to prick the senses, the need to fulfill ones goal and ones essence. Love and appreciation comes with these. And with love comes fulfillment of all other human needs, may it be physical or not. We crave to impart our thoughts, we crave to oblige to the need of the other and expects our needs to also be given notice. We need not display rabbit vibrators to convey the message of our need for sexual fulfillment, nor do we hire a companion to let him know of our need for his presence, or even record past conversations and listen to them in exchange for the quiet evenings you hate as he still bring home work to which he had been to all day. It has to be given in recognition of human needs and in giving love. This is amongst the common cravings of partners within the vows...and so is a common dream of individuals to have for a fulfilling life long committment.


Posted by bleep Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are in different side of the globe therefore we also have different temperature. There are those who have 4 seasons and there are those who only have 2.

"Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...all you've got to do is call and I 'll be there yes I will..." as one of the old songs say. Four seasons, four differing climate and temperature. And then there is the Rainy Season and Dry/Summer Season but with mild to moderate bearable temperature.

What if you have only TWO options that are truly opposing? Would you prefer it hot and humid when you will be sticky and sweaty all the time? You would be craving for constant dip in the water, in a bath or in the pool. You would be thirsty and hot thus resort to cold icy drinks and treats. Bare to the skin as much as possible. Irritated and hot tempered unless in an air-conditioned room. What then of your electricity bill?!

Or if very cold your ears and nose suffering from frost bite almost? You wear layer after layer of clothing you look like a mummy walking. You almost try to give excuses just so your mom will not force you to take your daily bath. It will always be hot chocolate or coffee brews you crave for. At this time all you wish for is to see the sun and feel its natural heat and not the heat from your heater. Again, what of your electricity bill?!

So, which is which?


Posted by bleep

After the holidays, I now have more time to sit and recall all the partying and fuzz. We are in this ordinary days of routine. But we have more time to reminisce and hope and plan and prepare for the next holiday season 10 months from now.

There had been so much singing then. My relatives and friends are all hooked with videoke on gatherings...and I have to admit I do not have the most wonderful of voices. Well, yes I can sing...but not the way I want to. I admire those who can get the attention of others with a smile of appreciation and not a quirk for the noise you are making or friendly laugh of encouragement. I know it takes practice. I know it will give you much bravado and confidence if you are sure that you will hit all the notes perfectly.

Now I believe I will forgo the dancing. I am good at it's a God-given talent. What I need is a voice lesson. In a few months, with voice lesson, you can sing. Really sing. And it is always nice to be able to do better than others. What of you? Maybe you can join my craving to learn and be good?


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...and be a part of my week along with friends in the blogosphere in somehow sharing our choices of this and that in this crazy world we live in. There is no right or wrong after all...WE ARE GIVEN FREE WILL TO CHOOSE (wink!)




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