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Posted by bleep Friday, April 30, 2010

It’s been a few months that I started seeing photography as something I would enjoy doing. But it would be nice to have a camera of my own. Yes, my sister assures that the camera she bought is for everybody’s use, but still…I drool over this Nikon D90 KIT AF-S DX VR 18-105 that I saw at Imagine bidding for it at a price comfortable to you and in no time in your hands will be your most desired Canon!

I have heard of other sites doing such but there’s so many bidding along that you end up buying one at a high price as compared to where you can start at the lowest bid you can and just be up a notch before the bidding ends. At happy bidders you can have your dream camera, ipod, play station, blackberry, iphone…and so much more. With it unique website url of happybidders estafa, (estafa which actually can mean TWISTS, TRICK, BUBBLE…that I’m sure the site owner is trying to convey) no wonder it’s also unique to be written in Spanish (the reason for the scary word that may have been translated differently). But it is easy to understand and see the photos of what product you need, the time left to bid, how much is the last bid and how many have already entered the bidding. What I do…I have it translated at if ever I find it necessary. The truth is, I find it easier to grab interesting things here and it is actually so easy as explained further at The important thing here is for you to see what happybidders have to offer NOW and not let those wonderful offers pass you by.

May it be called happybidders, happy bidders,,, one thing I am certain of, my camera is just a click away.


Posted by bleep Thursday, April 29, 2010

FINALLY!!! After weeks of intense heat I can finally have coffee, it being a rainy day.

And just as timely, a very dear new friend kiki of Life included me in her friends list to be shared with a cup of steaming hot coffee. I can almost smell it from here haha.

I simply love having a cup or two daily, not until it got so hot that I decided to altogether do without it. Temporarily shifted to Ice cold chocolate drink for a time...but now, lo and behold, I can have a cup of a wonderful brew;)

May I share it with you guys:
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Posted by bleep Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It has been two long weeks since I finished my most recent read, Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho. I actually have just tried reading any from his, a second actually, and I still feel like going back to my favorites. He's good but maybe we're just not too much for each other, haha. He's too much of a realist for me.

Now I'm craving to have another book, a fairy tale romance if possible. Maybe this need came about after watching Cinderella just recently. Not the cartoons, mind you! And well, you can't blame a lady wishing for a fairy tale love story, if I can't have it in my life at least in another characters life. And I have an idea of which author to try this time, Sophie Kinsella. If you have seen Shopaholic the movie, then that's her. And I'm pretty sure she have more books than movies for me to continue craving for.

And you? Do you read? Any advice for a new author to try?


Posted by bleep

I used to have routine exercise. At one time I did aerobics and another I did swimming. And all those times I don't have these flabs that I see (well, others kept telling me they don't see them...but I do!)

It's not just vanity actually but good health as well. Everybody knows that exercise helps in metabolism at the same time getting as far away from heart diseases. As of the moment, I am thinking of going with my swimming routine before, it being summer. I'm not an athlete or something but I do know strokes to be classified as a a real swimmer and not the so-called "langoy-aso" (dog-like swim) others are only capable of. Its Free style for me most of the time and breast stroke once in a while but I have to admit that you can't make me swim at any other place than the pool. Maybe it's all those movies I used to watch when I was a kid that left me traumatized with deep, dark waters. The beach is a pretty safe place but then I'd rather lay in the sand or play than burn my calories when I am there.

Routine exercise is something everyone should have. It is beneficial and it is fun. May you be doing it at home or any other place, with equipment or with none, the iportant thing is you are motivated enough to do it 3-4 times a week at least.

Being in the tropics, we do not have 4 seasons like the other countries. It's just SUMMER TIME and RAINY SEASON. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages...

...but right now, I just wish we also have SPRING here. I love seeing those photos of different flowers and blooms (since I have not gone out of the country yet to personally see them), sights to behold and the stories from friends and relatives of the "just right" temperature. Today, we have here sizzling hot temperature of 38 degree centigrade and I can't help craving for a day out of this place and enjoy the other seasons other countries offer.

I said a day...well maybe a month, or a year. Not really forever since I know I will be missing being HOME TO MOTHERLAND. We also have nice flowers and sights here anyways ;)


Posted by bleep Monday, April 19, 2010

The truth's been a week now that I'm craving for this Red Ribbon Mango cake!!!
I actually am trying to be on a diet in preparation
for the december wedding of my best buddy
I have to have one...later I will!


Posted by bleep Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have read posts about this MOVERS that's being help by certain professionals, and I believe there is none yet here in the Philippines. Or maybe I have not seen one?

It's always a family helping each other with the packing and the moving. They just hire a container van or truck to carry everything from one place to another, just as we did 3 times already in my whole 30+ years (don't ask anymore of the PLUS, hehe).

And so with this come this nagging idea of starting up with one here in the country. But then again, how? And, will the Filipino's entertain such change or will they carry on with the tradition of doing it on their own?

Maybe what we need is information of how practical it will be...


Posted by bleep

Nope, not on the road...but here in my blog! Who does not?!

Of course I'm just starting on with this blog but from other blogs I see around, I wish to have as many visitors and commentor's as theirs. Not just for the ranking but for the feeling of acceptance in the blogosphere. I'm happy to see that my followers are building up, THANKS TO YOU GUYS. And it never fails to brighten up my day to see new droppers in my chatbox, especially those asking for link exchange (nice to be on the other side of the road at times, right?) plus visitors that gives me much of their time and efort for a nice comment.

I have heard of this SEO's and Engines...but frankly, their alien words still to me. What I know is that they help build traffic. I click buttons form other sites and join for thei promise of more traffic in my site. Do they help really? Or it's still wiser to do the manual visitations?

Enlighten me.


Posted by bleep

During my elementary and secondary school days, I still have my childhood asthma resulting to frequent absence from school. I try to catch up by borrowing school mates notes and asking for special exams and projects...but I believe that wasn't enough because I didn't get high grades. Now I hear of tutorings online and I wish it was offered even before when I badly needed it. For sure, I would have gotten straight A's though I'm not in school half the time.

Luckily, college days I was able to out grow asthma. I got beeter grades. But then again, it's the time for FUN, FUN, FUN (lol). And so, I'm still not in school half the time. Still, I was able to finish college and passed the board exams for my career. Got a very nice position in my line and right now content as to what happend in my life.

Are you as content? What of your kids? Be glad that you have a choice to have them tutored at home with online tutoring.


Posted by bleep Monday, April 12, 2010

I guess everyone delights in the idea of saving. It always comes as a challenge for me each time I have a certain something I really hope to buy and would save for it in every possible way I can.

One time, I found myself being hypnotized by this spectacular looking watch and I itch to see it in my wrist. The thing is, it's not an ordinary watch that you can get anytime you want...but something that needs a lot of time to decide about buying or not and to be on a tighter budget to afford it. It took me months of saving up, skipping my weekly movies on the theater, limiting my coffee to one instead of three at Starbucks, did a little commuting,...until finally I BOUGHT MY MOST DESIRED GUESS WATCH!

Now that I'm again planning to buy myself this stationary bike I saw in a nearby sports shop...but this time I have a better way of saving. And that's with the use of these superb coupons I get from blogging and friends in the department store I frequent. Imagine the big savings I get with the coupon for grocery items that I usually buy in a more expensive price! Even for clothes and apparels, even the books I can't stop myself from buying each time I finish the one I have with me.

I can't thank the sponsors enough for making our saving span smaller, mere weeks and not months, I can buy that stationary bike already!


Posted by bleep Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have always favored Continental dishes than Mediterranean whenever I go out, and Italian Dishes are appreciated more than any other...well, aside from Filipino Cuisine of course, that being my native land.

But whenever I cook at home I try to serve differently each time. If I can make it one country after another cycle in a weeks time I would. And the secret lies in the seasonings, herbs and spices available in the market that gives you the distinct taste of a certain countries cuisine. Like the basil, thyme, rosemarie for continental; and curry, taragon, cumin for mediterranean. Filipino dishes are the easiest to cook since I can have the necessary salt free herbs and spices available just around the corner.

How easy it is to cook these days than before, with all the commercialized ready-to-cook meals or the sauces and mixes available to go along with our fast paced life. Well, cooking is art and I'm sure we can have the colors we want to come up with the splendid canvass (or food for this matter!)


Posted by bleep

It is known by all that it is getting harder to live by in this world we live in. Economic crisis is felt by everyone, rich or poor, with all the monetary constraints we have to deal with. And it is commonly heard in Philippine Media "BAWAL MAGKASAKIT!" ("Getting sick, not allowed!") simply because the daily familial budget is often just enough for necessity. And medications or hospitalizations that comes in the most inopportune time gives too much of a stress and at times cannot be solved resulting to death in a family.

We hear it from the news all the time, and each time I thank my mom for continuing on with the family health insurance where in we can consult physicians without needing to put out a lot of money that other do in times of illnesses (or accidents for some). It is beneficial for all to be sure, to be insured!

Insurance quotes are not just for health benefits, they even have it for death, education, car...and so many more that YOU might not be aware of and needing.


Posted by bleep

Routine brown out is a pest we have to bear with. Though it is done with the good intention of saving power and energy, it still is irritating especially since it is SUMMER...when you most needed to cool down indoors. If only the government thought of doing this way ahead, when people loves the temperature even without the help of electricity. Imagine being at 36 degrees Celsius with no fan, and no air conditioner!

Earlier the moment the lights went out, one thing flashed through my mind, our rechargeable lamp and remembered the one we had before a rechargeable lamp and fan in one. How I need to find one again! Or better yet, if only I can, have a generator installed to be free of any power interruption.


Posted by bleep

Yes we are in such a fast pace of life and with it is the faster pace of us gulping down food disregarding nutritional needs most of the time but just satisfying hunger.

No wonder there are increasing rate of malnutrition, either over or under. Over in the sense that people gains weight due to intake of fatty foods, fast foods the most common culprit. We take in saturated fats, or bad fats, coming from meat and dairy products from burgers and ice creams. And under because we do not eat properly with all the workload we need to accomplish believing that the 24 hours is not enough for us to even have the time to savor eating, or at times even forgo eating.

Unknowingly, we are putting ourselves at risk to sickness thus losing more of what we wanted to have. Losing the time to meet the deadline, losing the salary we should be saving for the medications or even hospitalizations...we are losing energy. We have to outsmart those workloads. Give priority to your health. It's Time Management you have to learn and eating should be within that and not just an extra activity. Take in Vitamin Supplements for back-up nutrition that you might not be supplying yourself.


Posted by bleep Friday, April 2, 2010

Summer is here, spring is there! Best seasons to go outdoors and relieve yourself of that daily routine of stress. Break the home-work-home-work sequence and detour to the fun and enjoyment of camping.

I have always appreciated nature. And experiencing life closest to it is the best one can do in appreciating being part of an ecosystem. Imagine yourself waking up with the sounds of birds singing and the breeze tickling the trees above you instead of traffic, the computer buzz or the chatter of people around you.

Go outdoor and live life as the creator designed you to do so and you'll see how wonderful it is in recharging your emptying inner energy.


Posted by bleep

I do! Especially if it will cater to my most needed beauty leisure in a spa. It's been ages since I last had a whole body salt scrub that takes away dead cells and exfoliates my skin polluted in the city with dusts, smoke and beauty products. It would be heavenly also to have the swedish-shiatsu combo massage I used to have to soothe away every tired sinews of my body.

Being in a hotel is like living as Queen in one's kingdom. Almost all your needs will be attended to: the much needed rest, good food, relaxing atmosphere and with their offered amenities you can also divulge into your favorite sport. Either swimming, tennis, golf, bowling, billiards, the gym or whatever else they offer that matches your preference like ballroom dancing or simply lounging in their bar for music.

It will be heavenly to complete your vacation itinerary with a stay in world class hotels. I definitely will do so if I have the means. Would you?


JOIN "Your Choice Tuesday"

...and be a part of my week along with friends in the blogosphere in somehow sharing our choices of this and that in this crazy world we live in. There is no right or wrong after all...WE ARE GIVEN FREE WILL TO CHOOSE (wink!)




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