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Posted by bleep Saturday, April 23, 2011

We have to accept that we are past the age of playing with our dolls and matchboxes. We don't go calling our friends and ask them to play tag outside. BUT we still have that childishness in us. We may not play with dolls, but we have pretty figurines or paintings of those ladies. You don't go under the table playing with your tiny car but go outside and drive your car. At times we still crave to play around with friends playing tag and so do so with our pass-around forwarded messages in our mobiles and emails.


So do not get surprised that you love to have things kids like . I for one want them! Personalized and colorful laundry bag is one. One look and I know I want one for myself. I hang it at a corner in my room and I gave a little impish grin first time I had it. Imagine using it at home or when I head off somewhere for the weekend, and I flaunt it! Nice to have compliments from my equally interested friends.

Personalized tote bags did not escape my interested eyes too when I had a glimpsed at it. I remember being in grade school and my school bag have my big name on it. Well, I have one again. And so does my friends since I gave one for their birthdays. It's just so pleasing to find a tote that is not so stiff that you are not comfortable carrying it. I love the softness and the way it forms to how you want it with your things inside. And it is washable, not those harmful to the environment plastic totes.

There's still more to us being kid. You probably like the clays and doughs too like I do. But then it's not anymore those that keeps us interested. We still love building things. The houses we used to build with clay, and the surroundings, now made even better with designing our own houses and landscapes. Just like how we are pleased with what Dallas landscaping are good at. How they can transform our common place to a magnificent work of art!

Our eyes still twinkles like how they do when we were kids...because there is still a kid in you and me!


Posted by bleep

Let us welcome SUMMER with the thought that it will not be a total bore!!! It should not be just staying home all day everyday, but have fun filled days. Days to add knowledge, days to improve on yourself.

We differ in what we hope to do. It could probably be learning a new instrument. Guitar, Keyboards, Flute...or Harp? Voice lesson or dance lesson is also a thing to consider if you are really inclined with music and entertaining. Or maybe you love sports and start with Swimming, Boxing, Martial Arts? After all they can also be useful to your summer outings and self defense. For some they focus on art. Either in the form of drawings, paintings or theater arts.

Whatever else you choose...pick out something that you will enjoy at the same time something you can and will use. There are offers from government and non government sectors of free learning activities as well. Like in our country, TESDA is known for free language lessons. I would love to learn Chinese! French, Spanish, Japanese usually are offered too. They also have cooking lessons or grooming. Or some also for livelihood and some for computer literacy. It actually is just a matter of interest. Easy to see TESDA...just ask MR. GOOGLE!

These are just a couple of hours so you do not have to worry of missing out on the "fun" part of summer, the Outings!


Posted by bleep Sunday, April 10, 2011

I need to feel that I can also be as capable as them who have a business along side their normal jobs. That is the wisest thing to do these days, not to just be content with what is coming from your salary because it truly is not contenting.

And the best idea I have right now is to help house owners around who definitely needs my help with their lawn maintenance and gardening. This idea came up with the success of dallas lawn maintenance. Imagine turning a jungle into a beautiful garden again! What an exhilirating experience and achievement you will have each time.

Another is the high demand of personalized items to give away in line with the thought that there is not much competition anymore. I myself have looked for one but it took me 3 hours drive to just to get one. Thanks to dallas embroidery for reminding me that it is a great business option.

School year 2011 starts on June here on my end, and kids are
the major thought each time school comes up. I simply am considering kids backpacks. And they don't even use them for the sole purpose of schooling. They even seek for cute bags for vacation, for malling, for going out!

What do you think? 3 great ideas so far...and I am getting more and more excited. If you were me, what would it be?


Posted by bleep

Sometimes I just want to blow a whistle and like in a basketball game have a TIME OUT.

A break from seeing all the worldly stress affect people. It's not just the money that everybody needs, but the effect of not having much to them, all the natural calamities that makes one think if the end is coming, of all the wickedness of man around me and the innocent being more than just affected but a victim of it all.

IT IS A CRAVING to have a light and easy life. NOT for me alone but for everyone. Because that will give me the peace I really need.


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