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Posted by bleep Sunday, December 4, 2011

I wished I can be as confident as those speakers I listen to in conventions. They handled themselves pretty well sharing their knowledge, relates it to experiences or however they convey to be in line with the theme. Some are serious and direct. Some are light and funny. But the important thing is that they are effective. I believed myself incapable of being a speaker fronting a large group, even an individual scared me before. Until I was given the chance to prove myself better than I believe myself to be. Until I was able to truly gain self confidence.

My superior saw in me the wit I did not see in myself. I did not recognize the sensitivity to others she said will send the message across. Probably because I was young and na├»ve. If at first I was merely trying to do my job as directed of me by having the bravado I don’t actually feel as inside I was a nervous wreck, it changed into something I became proud of each time I was able to handle myself in front of people. Until I can became the speaker I never thought I will be speaking in front of hundreds of people.

YOU CAN DO IT IF OTHERS CAN! It is but a matter of wanting to change into something better. It is a CHOICE TO CHANGE to be better. And then you keep dreaming and hoping to achieve your goal. Do what is needed like learning. If you want to be a musician learn the notes, if you want to be a professional study, if you want to be able to draw learn the basic and keep practicing…and more! And more means no stopping. Think of ways that will help you reach your goal. You might be able to perfect your playing with the piano but without connections you still are not halfway your goal. Look further ahead with the paths to fulfillment. Each and every branch through it will be helpful therefore try and travel them.

If you crave to be better as I once did and still do, learn how to change your life. I am again inspired to do so when I came across Quantum Jumping’s post on change. Burt Goldman says how you live now affects “you” in your future as much as the past affects your present, and so the past is why your future is as it is. They are interrelated. And so touches on why not make your past predict your future. That there is no NOW because what you have just said or did become the past instantly. It’s more like why not always do what is for your future. Interesting, eh?

…crave as I do! (wink!)


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