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Posted by bleep Friday, December 9, 2011

I have always believed in positive thinking. It is not just on how the brain work as in accordance to science with the alpha, beta, theta or the delta stages and everything that is being said to brain waves INSTEAD on how negativity affects your own output in life and its effect on your decision making, on how your day goes, the being you that affects those others around you, etcetera.

Now I crave to always be reminded on this and not get affected with life happenings. It is but natural that we have differing reaction to things. Two people sitting in the waiting room for news of their love ones brought to the emergency room for the accident that has happened will probably accept the passing of that love one the same way but their recovery may differ. One may end up at peace offering it all to God and continue living though feeling the loss, while the other may end up confused, bitter, angry, hopeless thus next to being dead themselves. It is how we see things. How we decide to face adversities and trials.

There always is a bright side and a dark side. There is negative energy and positive energy. But it lies within us which will we entertain that which will affect us the most. IT IS OUR CHOICE. But who would want a life filled with misery when you can have a peaceful one? I personally would choose the happy place. And this is what led me to Silva’s advice on positivity to improve life. She gave 3 steps:
Silva focuses on the brain state, alpha state, where one is most relaxed. This is when one is in meditation or in a light sleep but awareness is said to be heightened. More like a mental exercise and in the same way letting yourself in this state to give you the chance to deal with things in life you can’t deal with while fully awake. It is like convincing yourself that you can do them and so will be able to. And then in this state, you will also reprogram what is on your mind. Change all the negatives with positives. Only beautiful things will exist. Then when you are awake you can also see these instead. You get to tell a story, make a new story for you to live in.

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